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With 11 House women retiring, expected to retire or leaving to run for other positions, we’re again staring down another cycle where women’s representation in Congress could drop if we’re not proactive about supporting them early and often. 

So we’re not waiting until next year to debut our first 2024 Most Vulnerable House Incumbents slate—women in the most competitive races whose seats we cannot lose if we want to maintain gender parity:

Cook Rating: Toss Up

  • *Yadira Caraveo, CO-8: Yadira won this seat last year 48.4 to 47.7 percent. Her most serious challenger is Gabe Evans, a Colorado state representative, veteran and former police officer who has touted his “law and order” cred.
  • *Emilia Sykes, OH-13: Emilia held this district for Democrats last year 52.7 to 47.3 percent, though its current Cook rating is R+1. Her most serious challenger is former Ohio state senator and businessman, Kevin Coughlin.
  • Susan Wild, PA-7: Susan won this R+2 district 51 to 49 last year, her closest victory since the seat flipped in 2018. Susan is facing several potential Republican challengers, including most recently state Rep. Ryan Mackenzie.
  • *Marie Gluesenkamp Pérez, WA-3: Marie flipped this R+5 district last year 50.1 to 49.3 in an upset, and will likely face a rematch against Joe Kent, a retired special forces officer who has already declared his candidacy for 2024.

Cook Rating: Lean-D

  • Mary Peltola, AK-AL: It was after Mary scored a surprise victory to flip this seat in summer 2022 that Democrats started to think November might not be a red tsunami. She’s under serious threat this year in an R+8 seat from 2022 challenger Nick Begich, grandson of the popular former US Representative, and AK Lt. Gov. Nancy Dahlstrom.
  • Jahana Hayes, CT-5: This rural district of small towns often flies under the radar in heavily blue CT, but Jahana won it last year only 50.4 to 49.6 percent, during a year of Democratic overperformance. We can’t get complacent, as she will likely face a rematch against former state senator George Logan.
  • Marcy Kaptur, OH-9: Marcy is the longest-serving woman in Congress and the second longest-serving woman in congressional history—and we’d like to keep that record going. She’s facing three potential challengers, including a possible rematch with MAGA candidate JR Majewski, in this R+3 district.
  • *Andrea Salinas, OR-6: Andrea is the inaugural member from this new district. Cook rates it D+4, though she won last year 50.1 percent to 47.7 (with help from a right-wing third-party candidate). A rematch with Republican consultant Mike Erickson is likely.

*Asterisk denotes a freshman member. Freshmen are especially vulnerable to a strong general election challenger.

The race to flip the House and hold the Senate in 2024 starts now.

Let’s protect the gains women have made, and help flip the House next year, by raising $5,000 for this slate by the end of the year.

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