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Today is one of the most important days of the 2024 cycle: It’s the first quarterly fundraising deadline. 

Posting a big fundraising number early in the cycle can scare away potential Republican challengers. Strategically, scaring off serious challengers could be our best hope for holding the Senate in 2024. 

Democrats are defending eight competitive seats compared to only two on the Republican side, and three of those Democratic seats—in Michigan, Wisconsin and Nevada—are held by women. Women also need to hold one open safe seat in California. 

Will you rush a donation to the 5 women on our 2024 Senate slate? These are the most competitive races, where the money is needed most before midnight tonight.

So far, no prominent Republicans have declared against the two most vulnerable incumbents, Sens. Jacky Rosen (NV) and Tammy Baldwin (WI). But we need to keep it that way. In Michigan, Rep. Elissa Slotkin appears to have largely cleared her primary field, though there is still time for a new Democratic challenger. 

And in California, we need to ensure that two women—Reps. Barbara Lee and Katie Porter—emerge from the top-two primary. Early funding for both of these great candidates allows them to run strong campaigns in the first stage of this long race. 

If we don’t keep all of these seats, Democratic women’s numbers in the next Senate will go down, and Democrats will likely lose the Senate. 

Any progress we’ve made or will make on this country’s most pressing issues—tackling climate change, reducing gun violence—depends on electing these women. Rush a donation to each of them now before midnight.

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