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It’s shocking but true: Republican Senate candidates are getting a boost from the fight to put Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court.

This is bad news for our candidates in the tightest Senate races. We have to push back on this post-confirmation Republican polling bump, now.

Let’s do that today, Kavanaugh’s first full day on the Court and exactly four weeks to Election Day.

Chip in $5 right now to Sen. Heidi Heitkamp and the 3 other women running in this year’s closest Senate races.

This is especially bad news for Sen. Heitkamp, who is the only Democratic Senate incumbent down in the polls. Her seat has always been the Democratic seat most in danger of flipping. That danger multiplied after she cast her vote against Kavanaugh.

Republicans’ excitement may fade by Nov. 6, but we can’t count on it. We can make sure our own anger is laser-focused on helping a woman win in North Dakota and three other Senate races: Missouri (Sen. Claire McCaskill), Arizona (Kyrsten Sinema) and Nevada (Jacky Rosen).

Turn your anger into action: Chip in $5 to each woman running in these four toss-up Senate races.

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