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Thanks for being a loyal member of the WomenCount community.

We’re reaching out one last time before the end of the year, so that we can raise the $20,000 it’ll take to upgrade our crowdfunding platform and ensure it’s ready for the influx of Democratic energy that’s heading our way in 2020.

We don’t have to tell you again how high the stakes are. What we will tell you is that women are the key to defeating Donald Trump.

We saw it in the midterms, when women challengers won primaries at twice the rate of their male counterparts (44 vs. 21), and the percentage of women voting continued to climb over the percentage of men voting (55% vs. 52%). The share of women who are campaign donors also continued to climb.

Even if our presidential nominee isn’t a woman (the elephant in the room), women will still be critical to that nominee’s—and the Democratic Party’s—success, for all of the reasons above. And it will be women candidates who flip the Senate in November.

As the only crowdfunding platform that supports Democratic women, we need to be able to harness that energy. Will you help us upgrade our platform with a $5, $10 or $20 donation so we can?

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