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Democrats need to flip 26 seats to retake the House in 2018 —–   and women are lining up to run against several of the most vulnerable incumbent Republicans. It is critical that we fund their races now!

WomenCount will track these races through next November. Here’s our first slate of candidates who will help flip the House next year. Chip in $5 to each of them now. 

They are:

  • Abby Finkenauer (IA-1), the third-youngest woman in US history to serve in a state legislature, meaning she’ll bring both fresh ideas and lawmaking experience to the table;
  • Chrissy Houlahan (PA-6), who spent years helping struggling children learn to read in her role as the President and COO/CFO of the nonprofit Springboard Collaborative;
  • Vicki Jensen (MN-1), a state legislator whose prolific authoring of more than 200 bills bodes well for the powerhouse lawmaker she could be in Congress;
  • Lisa Mandelblatt (NJ-7), a teacher and co-PTO president who is intimately familiar with the funding challenges public schools face;
  • Katie Porter (CA-45), a consumer law professor who worked with Sen. Kamala Harris (when she was AG) to distribute California’s share of the national mortgage foreclosure settlement;
  • Sue Sullivan (NY-19), a policy consultant and company president who worked with then-Sen. Hillary Clinton to ensure seniors in Newburgh, NY, had adequate access to Medicare;
  • Mai-Khanh Tran (CA-25), a pediatrician who came to the United States as a refugee when she was 9-years-old —–   exactly the kind of experiences our current political climate is crying out for.

Women are turning out to be the Democrats’ secret sauce in the Resistance to Trump’s agenda. We made most of the calls to Congress that helped save the ACA. We’re flooding campaign offices around the country, pressing local officials on the issues that matter.

And now, we’re stepping up to run. Could we have it any other way, after the ongoing trauma inflicted on us by a misogynist as monstrous as Donald Trump? 

Help these 7 women who could flip the House get a head start. Chip in $5 to each of them. 

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