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Our potential 2020 Senate map got shaken up a bit last week.

So we’re adding a new familiar name to our Recruit Them To Run slate of the most viable potential 2020 Senate nominees.

Crisanta Duran, the former Speaker of the Colorado House, has decided not to challenge Cory Gardner for his Senate seat in 2020.

But since this seat is one of the two most likely to flip in 2020, we’ll be watching it closely for the potential to draft another woman.

Right now this slate includes two superstars from 2018: Stacey Abrams to challenge Sen. David Perdue in Georgia and Amy McGrath to challenge Sen. Mitch McConnell in Kentucky. These will both be tough races, but we can’t think of anyone better suited to knock out two incumbents, considering the grassroots energy that both women captured last year.

Also on the slate is Sara Gideon, the current Speaker of the Maine House, who is making moves to challenge Sen. Susan Collins.

And today we’re adding one new name to the slate: Rep. Cindy Axne.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has reportedly asked her to run against Sen. Joni Ernst. It’s not unprecedented that a first-term Congresswoman from a swing district would challenge an incumbent Senator and win—Sen. Jacky Rosen did that exact thing in 2018.

We think Cindy can do it too. Chip in $20 to our Recruit Them To Run slate and encourage her to get in the race!

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