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Next Thursday, at the Democratic National Convention, Democrats will nominate the first woman to head a major party ticket. But did you know there’s another big milestone on the horizon? If Democrats succeed in taking back the Senate this year, it’ll be by sending a record-breaking number of women to serve there.

Right now there are 20 women Senators. Six women are vying to oust sitting Republican Senators. If they win, we’ll have 25 women Senators—and retake the Senate. Help us reach this major milestone for women and take back the Senate by joining Team Philly to crowdfund our Senate SixPack slate.

We wanted you to be the first to know we’re kicking of a major campaign to spread the word about crowdfunding, about WomenCount, and about this momentous opportunity for women. The excitement surrounding the convention is a moment we just can’t miss. That’s why we’re inviting all of you to join Team Philly—and help us promote it.

You can also Tweet and Share to join Team Philly. You can signup to receive updates about Team Philly. And of course, you can give right now to our Senate SixPack slate to join Team Philly.

We’re breaking a lot of barriers this year, but one thing has stayed the same. The nominating conventions for both parties are barely underway, and already Republican outside groups have spent almost $300 million attacking Democratic challengers. And more than $70 million of that has gone toward defeating Democratic Senate candidates.

The money race tells the same story every election cycle, but this year can be the year we break that barrier too.

Crowdfunding is how we fight back. The GOP is always going to have more millionaires and billionaires. But we’ve got numbers too—people numbers. Last year a Pew poll found that 48% of people consider themselves Democrats or Democratic-leaning, compared to 39% for the GOP. And women make up a majority of the electorate: In 2012, that was 53%.

This year, crowdfunding can be how we outspend the opposition. It can be how we increase women’s representation in Congress. And it can be how we retake the Senate.

We can do all these things—but we need your help.

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