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We were thrilled on Friday to see the women of the House protesting Congress’ draconian dress code with Sleeveless Friday.

They resisted —–   and it worked. That’s why we added the women who participated in Sleeveless Friday to our Summer Resistance Toolkit. 

Chip in $5 to each of them to say ‘thanks’ for standing up to sexism, both in Congress and in our communities. 

This fight may seem frivolous, but it isn’t. Every day, our bodies are scrutinized and policed in this way. Ultimately, this policing impacts girls’ self-esteem, women’s ability to do their jobs, and both girls’ and women’s ability to be seen by society as having basic autonomy.

And without women willing to call out this kind of everyday sexism and agitate for change, it snowballs into bigger, badder policies that threaten our health and our lives.

Celebrate these Sleeveless Sister Resisters: Chip in $5 to each of them, plus our WomenCount Victory Fund, which supports women who are running to unseat vulnerable GOP House incumbents.

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