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The Stanford rape case making headlines this week has us boiling mad.

At Brock Turner’s sentencing hearing last Thursday, the victim bravely read a 12-page statement to the courtroom, recounting the heart-wrenching details of her ordeal and explaining to the perpetrator the trauma she now carries with her. A California state judge then issued an absurdly lenient sentence, and Turner’s father made an outrageous and tone-deaf appeal on behalf of his son.

And with that, the press and the public woke up to the message being sent to young women about how the system deals with campus sexual assault.

But being mad isn’t enough. Take a stand.

Here are the three things you can do now in connection with the case:

  1. Support the women lawmakers who are fighting for the rights of survivors. Give to WomenCount’s End Campus Sexual Assault slate.
  2. Sign the Change.org petition in support of the survivor. The Petition demands Stanford apologize and take steps to prevent sexual assault.
  3. Sign this petition to remove Judge Aaron Persky from the bench for his appalling decision in the Brock Turner case.

Tell Stanford and Judge Persky that they did not take this case seriously enough. Send a message.

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