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Election Day countdown: four weeks!

To mark the occasion, we’re bringing you the second slate in our series of Super States—Arizona.

Arizona is number two on our list because it’s another state where abortion rights are under attack: A judge just allowed the state’s 19th century ban to go into effect. 

The slate is eight candidates: Two statewide offices, one Congressional seat, and five state legislative seats. Chip in $5 or more to each of them now.

This year in Arizona, voters need to: 

  1. Elect Katie Hobbs governor. As secretary of state, Katie was pivotal in protecting the presidential vote in 2020. She’s centered her campaign this year on protecting abortion rights, while her opponent—MAGA candidate Kari Lake—wants to outlaw it.
  2. Elect Kris Mayes attorney general: A pro-choice AG will be able to challenge and influence enforcement of the current abortion ban, as well as other bans the state has enacted over the last few years.
  3. Win Arizona’s 6th Congressional district. This district is a tough one, but it’s the only potential flip for Democrats in the Grand Canyon state. Candidate Kirsten Engel is a professor and former state senator.
  4. Flip both legislative chambers: After being one of the few state legislatures where Democrats made gains in 2020, the party is within two seat flips in each chamber of taking control.

What happens in Arizona this year could solidify its status as a swing state, help protect its electoral votes in 2024, and put the state on a path to restore abortion rights.

Give $5 now to the women who can make all of this happen.

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