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Election Day is in less than five weeks!

That’s why today we’re introducing the first in our new series of Super State Slates—candidates in states where your donation will go furthest toward supporting Democrats and women up and down the ballot. 

What makes a super state? It has: 

  1. A competitive statewide race, either for governor or US Senate,
  2. At least one competitive US House election, and
  3. An opportunity to impact state legislative races, either by saving a Democratic majority, flipping a chamber, or preventing a Republican supermajority.

The first state in our series is Michigan, because it just might be the most pivotal state for women this fall. Give $5 now to each of these candidates:

This year in Michigan, voters need to: 

  • Re-elect Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, who has spent her term championing abortion rights and can serve as a check on Republican attempts to mess with Michigan’s critical electoral votes in 2024.
  • Re-elect women in two statewide offices, including Attorney General Dana Nessel and Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson. AG Nessel has been pivotal in protecting Michiganders’ abortion rights and Secretary Benson their voting rights.
  • Win two competitive US House races, including MI-3, where Hillary Scholten can flip a Republican-held seat, and MI-7, where incumbent Rep. Elissa Slotkin is struggling to hold her seat against a male opponent who wants to ban abortion “from conception.”
  • Flip both legislative chambers: This is the first time a nonpartisan redistricting commission has redrawn Michigan’s state legislative districts, which has given Democrats a chance at the majority in both chambers.
  • Vote Yes on 3, the Right to Reproductive Freedom Amendment, to restore Roe and protect abortion rights in Michigan’s state constitution.

What happens in Michigan this year could change its political landscape for a generation—moving it from purple to leaning more Democratic—and make the state a safe haven for women seeking abortions in the Rust Belt.

Give $5 now to the women who can make all of this happen.

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