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A week out, and the wins keep coming.

It now looks like Democrats will gain between 35 and 40 House seats once all the votes are counted. And they are still being counted, mostly because of the heavy use of mail ballots in western states where Democratic gains were concentrated.

And we’ll keep things closely divided in the Senate by picking up two open seats—including the seat Kyrsten Sinema (AZ) won just yesterday!

WomenCount is proud to have supported these wins with $1.7 million in crowdfunding this cycle, including for Sens.-elect Sinema and Jacky Rosen, the 22 women who flipped House seats, four new Democratic women governors, and dozens of women in state legislative races.

Will you chip in $25 now to help us keep doing this work in 2019, 2020 and beyond?

Thanks to your generosity after the 2016 cycle, we were able to do something new: put state candidates on our platform for the very first time. And we did—in 2018, we supported more than 50 state candidates, including dozens of state house and senate candidates, and seven gubernatorial candidates.

And across all of our slates, we succeeded through the power of small giving. Crowdfunders supported these women with an average donation of just $30.33. But what we accomplished certainly wasn’t small: The $1.7 million we raised through crowdfunding was $1.4 million more than what we raised in 2016.

We need to keep growing—after all, it looks like we’ll have a packed Democratic presidential primary in 2020 and we want to be able to support every single woman who runs with a robust crowdfunding program.

Chip in $25 right now to support our platform and help it keep growing.


The WomenCount Team

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