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Did you know Ro Khanna created a slate and started fundraising for WomenCount? Read on to learn more:

The movement to elect more progressives to office, at every level of our government, is gaining momentum. And thanks to organizations like WomenCount, EMILY’s List, and UltraViolet, there’s also an unprecedented number of women running for office.

For our movement to succeed, we desperately need candidates with experience, diverse backgrounds, and bold visions, not just gilded political resumes and powerful, wealthy friends. That’s why I’m stepping up my efforts to support and amplify these eight women running for Congress.

Help elect these 8 bold, progressive women to Congress by contributing $5 to each today:

  • Katie Hill is running in California’s 25th district and is a strong advocate for universal healthcare, including reproductive health, mental health, and behavioral health.
  • Cindy Axne, in Iowa’s 3rd, has deep roots in her state’s agricultural tradition – she did 4H as a kid – and will bring the voices of rural communities to the House Floor. Katie Porter, running in California’s 45th district, is a practicing lawyer, passionate about consumer protection.
  • As a registered nurse, Lauren Underwood in Illinois’ 14th district, is a firm believer that healthcare is a right, not a privilege.
  • Abby Finkenauer currently sits in the Iowa state senate and is running to bring bold economic growth and opportunities to Congress.
  • Susan Wild is running in Pennsylvania on a platform of immigration reform, Medicare for All, and rejects all corporate PAC money.
  • Mikie Sherrill in New Jersey’s 11th, is a retired Naval pilot and committed to investing in our nation’s infrastructure and creating good-paying STEM jobs.
  • Jennifer Wexton, running in Virginia’s 10th district, is a prosecutor who has worked hard to transform our criminal justice system, including ending the school to prison pipeline, by reforming student discipline practices.
  • Finally, Susie Lee is committed to strengthening and improving our public schools and education system. She’s worked to help underprivileged students complete high school and pursue higher education, volunteering countless hours over the last quarter century. She’ll bring that energy and commitment all the way from Nevada’s 3rd district to Washington.

These candidates are fighting for a country where all of us can thrive. I would be honored to count them among my colleagues. Help me make that happen. Help me elect them to Congress by making a $5 contribution to each today.

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The reason I get out of bed in the morning is to fight for our shared progressive vision in Congress. But the fact of the matter is, we need more allies holding office if we want to win these progressive battles.

I’m confident, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that these six women are motivated by the exact same goals and beliefs: that our country can work for all of us, not for the wealthy and well-connected.

Thank you for supporting us. We couldn’t do it without you,


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