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Election Day is less than a week away! We’ll keep this short since we’re running out of time to fund women in the closest races. That’s the whole point of our Final Top 10—women running in the 10 closest House, Senate and gubernatorial races, where late cash can still make a difference. Check out the slate and give $5 to each of these women ASAP.We’ve introduced you to each of these women before, but if you need a refresher on why each race is so important: Senate: Cheri Beasley (NC): This race is leaning R, but the last poll had Cheri tied with her Republican opponent. If Democrats have a better-than-expected night, she’s the most likely Senate upset. Her race has been underfunded by party organizations. Catherine Cortez Masto (NV): This is the closest Senate race in the country. If Catherine wins, it means Democrats will likely hold the Senate. This race doesn’t lack cash, but the other side is hitting records on outside spending. House: Jamie McLeod Skinner (OR-5): Polls in this race have narrowed again, after swinging in favor of Republican Lori Chavez-Deremer in mid-October. A hard push in this final week could swing this toss up race toward Jamie by Election Day. Susan Wild (PA-7): This race has been a toss up since early October. Before that, Republican Lisa Scheller was slightly favored. Susan won a close race in the Blue Wave of 2018, so we know she can win another, especially if the campaign finishes strong. Mary Peltola (AK-AL): Forecasters disagree on whether this race leans D or is a toss up, but it remains a critical fundraising battleground because of Mary’s late entry into the general election—she only won a special election in mid-August. Elaine Luria (VA-2): This race slid toward Republicans in mid-October, but it’s back to a toss up. It’s one of the few races where Republicans have been keeping pace in fundraising, so Elaine could easily fall short against Republican Jen Kiggans. Plus, Elaine is another 2018 alumna we need to keep in Congress. Michelle Vallejo (TX-15): After Michelle defeated a conservative Democrat in the primary, pundits worried this district was a goner. But in fact, both South Texas districts are toss ups, with Michelle running slightly ahead of a more conservative incumbent Democrat in TX-34. Hillary Scholten (MI-3): Hillary got a boost in this race when MAGA Republican John Gibbs defeated moderate Republican Peter Meijer in the primary. But this race is still too close for comfort, and we DO NOT want more MAGA Republicans in the House. Governor:Katie Hobbs (AZ): Ratings for this race have swung in favor of Republican Kari Lake in recent weeks, but the most recent polls still show a dead heat. Non-federal races remain underfunded generally, and Katie’s is no different. Tina Kotek (OR): Tina is struggling against the spoiler effect created by former Democrat Betsy Johnson, who is running as an independent. Both Betsy and Republican Christine Drazan are largely funded by conservative billionaires. If Democrats can win in these close races, we’ll have saved the Senate, possibly saved the House, and kept MAGA Republicans from controlling elections in key states. Rush a donation of $5 or more to each woman on our Final Top 10 slate now.Reminder: Everyone who gives to the slate before Election Day is entered to win an Elect Women bracelet.
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