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Some of us at WomenCount have shared our stories online with the #MeToo hashtag, and maybe you have as well. And sometimes when we tell our stories on a large platform like social media, it reaches someone else, and they feel less alone.

That’s why we want to give a shout out this week to Sens. Heidi Heitkamp, Mazie Hirono, Claire McCaskill and Elizabeth Warren, who spoke out about their own experiences with sexual harassment last Sunday on Meet the Press.

Tell them thanks for speaking out: Chip in $5 to each of their 2018 re-election campaigns by giving to our #MeToo slate.
It takes courage to speak out about sexual harassment and assault —–   even if you’re a United States Senator.

It’s also clear these four Senators bring a deeply important life experience to their jobs as lawmakers. And if we ever want laws and policies to better hold abusers accountable, we need these women in Congress. Sens. Heitkamp and McCaskill are especially vulnerable to a GOP challenger, since Trump won both North Dakota and Missouri.

That’s why we’re inviting you to tell them thanks for speaking out by chipping in $5 to each of them as part of our #MeToo slate.

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