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One year ago, an unruly mob egged on by then-President Donald Trump, invaded and attacked our nation’s Capitol with violence not seen since the War of 1812. 

It was the beginning of a year of attacks on our electoral system—attacks that get worse every day. Trump supporters have fully bought into the Big Lie that the last election was ‘stolen,’ and are changing voting in frightening ways: 

  • GOP-controlled states are giving election deniers complete control of their certification systems.
  • Some swing-state legislatures have floated disregarding the popular vote in 2025, to send only GOP-supporting electors to DC.
  • Gerrymandering of new Congressional maps has cemented the GOP’s advantage.
  • On top of all that, Republican-controlled states have passed a raft of bills targeted at limiting the voting rights of minority voters.

That’s why there’s a new push in the US Senate to reform the filibuster and pass voting rights legislation, the Freedom to Vote Act.

Among other provisions, the bill would ban partisan gerrymandering, crack down on discriminatory election practices, increase legal protections for voting officials, and allow voters to sue if their votes aren’t certified.

This bill is the answer to Republican attacks on voting that we desperately need. But to pass it, we’ll likely need to grow our Senate numbers and end the filibuster. 

Help do that by giving $5 or more to each woman, all of whom support filibuster reform, on our 2022 Senate slate.

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