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We have major election news to share from Tuesday before we turn to our next big push—June’s Virginia legislative primaries. 

① Jacksonville voters elected Donna Deegan mayor with 52 percent of the vote, making her the city’s first female mayor ever and first Democratic mayor since 2015. This is a major upset in a race where the Republican was endorsed by Gov. Ron DeSantis. 

② Philadelphia voters nominated Cherelle Parker in the Democratic primary, practically ensuring she will be the next mayor of this heavily Democratic city. She will also be the first female mayor. Notable as well is that all threetop finishers were women. 

③ Kentucky Democrats nominated Sierra Enlow for Agriculture Commissioner. This was the only contested statewide Democratic primary. With popular Gov. Andy Beshear at the top of the ticket, and most other Republican-held statewide offices open, Democrats have a credible chance to flip this seat and others.

The Next Big Thing

Tuesday’s elections mark the last major mayoral primaries until August, so we’re pivoting to the biggest thing happening in June: State legislative primaries in Virginia. 

These six women running in both safe D and competitive House of Delegates seats are facing tough primaries on June 6. Let’s make sure we have as many female nominees as possible—chip in $5 or more to each of them:

✹ Rae Cousins, District 29: This is a Solid D seat open because of redistricting, and a chance to increase the number of Black women in the VA Assembly.

✹ Katrina Callsen, District 54: This is another open Solid D seat, and another chance to elect a woman of color. 

✹ Amy Laufer, District 55: This Lean D district will be competitive in November, as it’s currently held by a retiring Republican. Amy is in a close primary with a male challenger. 

✹ Susanna Gibson, District 57: This district will be a partisan Tossup in November. Susanna is in a close primary with a male challenger. 

✹ Kimberly Pope Adams, District 82: This district will be a partisan Tossup in November, and the Republican incumbent is running. Kimberly is in a close primary with a male challenger and has been endorsed by our partner Elect Black Women. 

✹ Susan Hippen, District 96: This Lean D district features four Democrats, one of whom will be its next delegate since no Republicans are running. Susan has also been endorsed by our partner Elect Black Women. 

Democrats only need to flip three seats to win back the chamber. Let’s make sure women are the key to victory: Give $5 or more to our Virginia House slate.

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