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Now that the fourth Democratic debate is over, there shouldn’t be anything to distract us from the most important thing in politics right now: Flipping Virginia!

As we count down to Election Day on Nov. 5, we’ll be adding new candidates to our Flip Virginia 2019 slate. Today, we’re introducing Missy Cotter Smasal and Ghazala Hashmi, who are both running to flip state Senate seats.

Missy is a small business owner and was an officer in the US Navy. Gov. Ralph Northam won her district, State Senate District 8, by a fraction of a percent in 2017. Ghazala is an educator and first-generation American whose district, State Senate District 10, is one of four state Senate districts that Hillary Clinton won in 2016.

Both are battlegrounds in a chamber where Democrats only need one seat to gain control. Chip in $5 or more to Missy and Ghazala NOW.

Not that picking the right person to kick Donald Trump out of office is actually trivial (far from it) but Election Day 2020 is more than a year away. Our opportunity to flip both the Virginia House of Delegates and the Virginia Senate is coming up in less than three weeks—and the polls are too close for us to get complacent.

Democrats are consistently ahead, but not by much. A Washington Post poll released at the beginning of the month has Democrats besting Republicans for control of the House of Delegates (the lower chamber) by 49-42. An earlier poll from this summer shows Democrats with a slightly smaller, more uncertain 36-31 percent lead in the Senate.

Missy and Ghazala, along with two other challengers on our Flip Virginia 2019 slate—Cheryl Turpin and Debra Rodman—are in a great position to flip at least one of these seats, but not if our enthusiasm wanes in these final days.

Help push all of these Virginia women over the finish line (and help us meet our goal of raising $10k in Virginia): Chip in $5 or more.

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