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Daffodils are blooming, temperatures are rising, and you know what that means—the first competitive elections of 2023 are under way!

Specifically, we’re watching four races that will come to a conclusion on April 4, spanning state ballots in Colorado and Wisconsin. Plus, a bonus non-competitive primary for Nebraska mayor where we need to get an early start on protecting a vulnerable incumbent.

Check out the slate and chip in $5 for each of these women who need a strong showing at the polls on April 4.

The races that will be decided on April 4 are: 

✴️ Denver Mayor, where state Rep. Leslie Herod has recently faced thinly veiled racist and sexist attacks from the race’s two prominent white male candidates. If elected, she would be the first woman and first openly LGBTQ person elected mayor of Denver. 

✴️ Wisconsin Supreme Court, where Judge Janet Protasiewicz can win this special election, flipping partisan control of the Court, if she consolidates Democratic primary votes. Her opponent, Daniel Kelly, bankrolled state Republicans’ fake elector scheme to overturn the 2020 presidential election. 

✴️ Wisconsin State Senate District 8, where Jodi Habush Sinykin is running to block the GOP from gaining a supermajority in the Wisconsin Senate. Jodi is leading in fundraising, but this is a Republican-leaning seat. 

✴️ Madison, WI Common Council District 2, where incumbent Alder Juliana Bennett is facing a male challenger. Juliana, a University of Wisconsin-Madison student, is endorsed by our partner Elect Black Women PAC. 

Additionally, on April 4 Lincoln, Nebraska Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird will clench the Democratic nomination, setting off a four-week sprint (the general election is May 2) to keep her seat against Republican state Sen. Suzanne Geist. 

Please chip in $5 or more to all of these candidates ASAP—the election is in less than two weeks!

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