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We couldn’t let Thanksgiving pass without saying one more time how grateful we are for everything you helped us achieve this year.

First and foremost: Because of you, we crowdfunded $1.7 million to help elect Democratic women, with an average gift per candidate of just $30.33.

That total includes a small amount raised for WomenCount, money we’ll put back into maintenance on our crowdfunding platform so that it’s ready for the multiple female 2020 presidential candidates we’re likely to see declare as early as January 2019.

During this brief period between election cycles, can you help get us ready for 2020 with an additional gift of $30?

WomenCount runs on a small budget and with part-time staff—but there are costs we can’t cut. Like fees for hosting the platform, and developers to fix bugs and improve our website so that raising big money from small donations is as easy as possible.

And starting early in 2019, we’re hoping to hire another part-time staff member to do targeted outreach to other political organizations and candidates, so that we can grow the partnerships that made this cycle so successful—partnerships that helped drive more than 700 new donors to give through WomenCount.

Chip in $30 before the end of the year so we can do that again in 2019, 2020 and beyond.

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving from all of us!

— Stacy, Meghan, Megan and the rest of the WomenCount team

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