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Last week the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) added five new candidates to its Red-to-Blue program of flippable seats, including three women: 

  • Kristen McDonald Rivet (MI-8, Toss Up) 
  • Ashley Ehasz (PA-1, Likely R) 
  • Janelle Stelson (PA-10, Lean R)

That brings the number of flippable seats the DCCC is targeting this cycle to 25. Women are the nominees in 11 of those, or a little less than half. This is despite the fact that women are serious contenders for 23 of the 35 most flippable seats.*

We’re curious why the DCCC isn’t supporting more women, especially in a year when women are seriously at risk of losing representation in Congress, and abortion rights are likely to be the most salient issue when voters enter the ballot box. 

So we’ve updated our 2024 Red-to-Blue slate with four more women we think deserve a place in national Democrats’ playbook:

  • Marlene Galán-Woods (AZ-1, Toss Up) is the only woman in this primary. She’s leading in endorsements but hasn’t been able to match the mens’ spending. Arizona is a top presidential and Senate target where we should prioritize women down-ballot. The primary is July 30.
  • Jessica Morse (CA-3, Likely R) is the only woman running in a competitive district to make it out of California’s male-dominated primaries. She’s running against a MAGA freshman in a district that was Trump +1 but picked up significant Democratic registration after redistricting.
  • Whitney Fox (FL-13, Likely R) and Lucia Báez-Geller (FL-27, Likely R) have received endorsements from most of Florida’s major current and former Democratic officeholders, including US Senate candidate former Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell. The primary is Aug. 20.

Support these women and remind national Democrats that we won’t be taken for granted. Check out the revamped slate and give at least $5 to each candidate.

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