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It’s almost Giving Tuesday, the year’s biggest day of nonprofit giving, and we wanted to get in your inbox early with our pitch.

WomenCount is a grassroots giving platform with a lean budget and a small staff. And yet, this cycle we raised more than $3 million in small-dollar donations for pro-choice, Democratic women candidates, with an average donation of $57. Since our founding in 2015, we have raised nearly $8 million in grassroots fundraising.

We are growing our platform strategically and thoughtfully, and this was our highest-grossing cycle yet. But we want 2024—when we need to take back the House, re-elect 10 women senators, and support the presidential ticket—to be even bigger. 

For Giving Tuesday, please consider a gift of $24 or more to fund our work in 2024 and beyond.

Thanks to the outpouring of grassroots fundraising and activism from you this cycle—but especially post-Dobbs—Democratic women’s numbers in Congress held mostly steady even as pundits predicted a “Red Wave.” 

Other highlights from our fundraising this cycle include: 

  • Growing our partnerships: Two of our top-5 grossing slates were partnerships with Elect Black Women PAC and the Justice Project. Elect Black Women raises for local Black women candidates and the Justice Project supports judicial candidates.
  • Investing more in local candidates: We continued supporting local women of color through Shirley’s List and we’re pleased to share that 14 out of 19 featured candidates won. We expanded our down-ballot reach with Super State slates that raised for state legislative candidates, and a Florida school board slate spearheaded by one of our most-active crowdfunders.

Help us keep expanding our reach during the 2024 cycle and beyond—give generously to WomenCount for Giving Tuesday.

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