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By now you’ve seen the news: 

CA Gov. Gavin Newsom has picked CA Secretary of State Alex Padilla to fill the US Senate seat currently held by Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. 

Women have now lost a seat in the Senate, and not just any seat—the seat held by the second Black woman to ever serve in the US Senate. Now, there will be *no* Black women serving in the Senate in the 117th Congress.

Yes, Padilla is a historic choice, as the first Latino senator from California. That’s a barrier broken that has been a long-time coming. But there were plenty of qualified Latina women who could have filled the seat, including two women we featured on our CA Senate Pledge slate, US Rep. Nannette Barragán and LA Supervisor Hilda Solis. 

We can’t lose any more Democratic women in the Senate. That’s why we’re asking—will you chip in $5 or more now to our 2022 Sneak Peek slate of women whose Senate seats we need to defend?

Two of these women are women of color, including the only Latina currently serving in the Senate, Catherine Cortez Masto.

And while you’re giving, can you chip in an additional $5 to WomenCount, to fund our prep work in 2021?

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