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It’s been a long summer.

From the threat to our health care, to saber-rattling with North Korea, attacks on LGBT Americans, and so much more, every week Donald Trump and his minions in Congress have brought our country some fresh horror or stinging embarrassment.

But before we head off to a much-deserved (and hopefully distraction-free) Labor Day weekend, we want to take a moment to celebrate some of the awesome working women who are making their mark on our politics.

Consider chipping in $5 to each woman on one of our Working Women slates. They are: 

  • STEM Fems: Four women —–   including Nevada Senate challenger Rep. Jacky Rosen —–   whose pre-politics careers involved science, technology, engineering or math;
  • The Best Medicine: Three doctors who are challenging Republican incumbents to take back Congress for the Democrats and put sound health policy first;
  • Back to School: Seven current members —–   including vulnerable House incumbent Rep. Carol Shea Porter —–   who prioritize education because they used to be teachers; and
  • Their Own Bosses: Three female entrepreneurs who want to put their experience running a company into growing our economy.

It’s almost Labor Day, so let’s put the spotlight back on the kind of labor that is going to make the difference between winning or losing next year: Women who roll up their sleeves and get the job done.

Chip in $5 to each of the women on one of our Working Women slates and help us celebrate their hard work, ambition and drive —–   in STEMas doctorsas teachers and entrepreneurs

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