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Like you, we’re still wading through the shock of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death. Our thoughts are racing.

Our grief over the loss of an icon who inspired women and girls of all ages, and championed women’s rights and representation, is mixed with fear over what this means for the election, our rights, and our country’s future.

But fear and grief hasn’t stopped us, or you, from doing what needs to be done. Over the last 24 hours, our members have raised more than $40,000 for US Senate candidates through WomenCount.

Much of that money has gone toward our main 2020 Senate Red to Blue slate, the top 5 races where women can flip Republican-held seats.

Flipping these seats was already urgent. Now, it’s an emergency. Republicans WILL try to fill the vacant Supreme Court seat as soon as possible. We need to put pressure on them to wait, and let the American people have a say in who they want to fill it.

But more than that, we need to put Democrats in control of the Senate. If we get lucky, and Republicans don’t fill the seat, we need Democrats to fill it next year. And if Republicans do fill it, Democrats could expand the Court and restore balance.

You know what to do: Give $5 or more NOW to Sara Gideon, Amy McGrath, and the rest of the women on our Senate Red to Blue slate—which will be known until Election Day as Ruth’s List.

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