How to ‘Build a Slate’

Great news that you’re interested in building your own slate or starting a new team for an existing slate.

There are a few simple steps involved so we want to walk you through it. Stick with us — it’s worth it! Making politics personal is what this is all about.

Tip: We recommend opening a new tab to start creating your new slate so you can refer to these instructions easily.

  1. First, make sure to sign up so you are logged in.
  2. You are now on your ‘My WomenCount’ page. To get started, set an overall fundraising goal for the 2018 cycle, which can be updated at any time.
  3. Next, go to bottom right and ‘Click here to create a new slate.’
  4. To get started, type in a name for your slate — either retype the name of an existing slate or create a new name if you are building a brand new slate. Feel free to be creative!
  5. Next, it’s time to pick the candidates. There are two choices:
    1. Select the name of an existing slate from the drop-down and the candidates will automatically fill in … or
    2. Pick candidates from the drop-down list of all the women. For descriptions of the candidates, refer to the “Build a Slate” page.
  6. Now you have the option to add a background image for your slate name. This is the large horizontal image that goes behind the slate name. If you don’t choose an image, it will default to a color block. (Note: Recommended image dimensions are 1400×315)
  7. In the next step you will see a large text field. Type in a sentence or two that describes your slate.

    You’re almost there. Keep going!

  8. Next, enter a title for your team, such as your name, organization, or other, i.e. Sally, UCal Alumni, Von Trapp Family, etc.
  9. Another optional step: Choose a photo to represent your team. This is another great place to make your slate personal! (Note: Recommended image dimensions are : 600×400)
  10. Now, another option: type in a fundraising goal in the next text field.
  11. Click on “Create team” at bottom right.
  12. You’ve returned to the top of page. Final step: Click “view my slate” — you did it! Continue through the payment process and start sharing!