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There are two potential outcomes:

If Senate Republicans get their way, President Obama will not get a Supreme Court nominee confirmed this year. Then, our next president’s first act will will be to nominate Justice Scalia’s replacement, and it will require a Democratic Senate to confirm.

That’s why our Senate Red to Blue slate, made of up of who will turn Republican seats Democratic, needs your help right now.

Or, if Obama does win confirmation of a nominee to replace Scalia, the next President will still likely have another three Supreme Court nominations over the course of two terms. (Scalia was not even on the short list of anticipated upcoming Supreme Court vacancies.)

So either way, we must flip the Senate, and this November it comes down to women.

Support our Senate Red to Blue slate, including:

  • Rep. Tammy Duckworth: an Iraq war vet who is poised to unseat Ill. Sen. Mark Kirk.
  • Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick: polls show her within two points (!) of Ariz. Sen. John McCain.
  • Katie McGinty: Emily’s List has just endorsed her in the race to defeat Penn. Sen. Pat Toomey.
  • Gov. Maggie Hassan: the current governor of N.H. is giving up her seat to challenge Sen. Kelly Ayotte in perhaps the most closely watched Senate race of the year.
  • Deb Ross: the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has just endorsed her in the race to unseat N.C. Sen. Richard Burr.

Justice Scalia’s passing is a wake-up call. The Supreme Court is at stake, which means we must act. Now.

Help flip the Senate Red to Blue.

With appreciation for all that you do,

Stacy, Janine, Shannon, Amy, Megan and Meghan

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