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It’s unbelievable —–   an accused child molester is perilously close to taking a seat in the US Senate, and another admitted predator is holding tight to his seat at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Meanwhile, Congress still hasn’t reauthorized the Children’s Health Insurance Plan or reached an agreement on DREAMers, and they’re about to finalize their #TaxScam. All of this has us feeling a little blue this holiday season.

Let’s take that feeling and channel it toward something positive: ensuring our four most vulnerable Democratic women keep their seats, and flipping two competitive seats in Arizona and Nevada, in 2018. 

Give now to our Blue Christmas slate.

And if you donate in honor of someone special by Dec. 22, we’ll send them a personalized gift message. Or you can print out a gift certificate and wrap it up to deliver in person.

We might be having a blue Christmas-and a blue Hanukkah and Kwanzaa (even Festivus is blue this year) —–   but blue doesn’t have to be bad.

We can have a blue 2018 by ensuring Democrats take control in Congress.

A blue Senate is especially critical. With Democrats in control, we can block further attempts at repealing the ACA, and ensure Trump can’t stack the Supreme Court with extremists.

Will you help us have a blue 2018 by giving to our Blue Christmas slate of Democratic women who can help us take control of the Senate?

Don’t forget to fill out the form after you complete your donation if this is a gift.


The WomenCount Team

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