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Our friends at the Center for American Women and Politics (CAWP) just updated their Women, Money, & Politics Watch series with new donor data from 2023, and one topline finding shocked us:

Women make up at least half of individual donors to Congressional candidates in all 10 states CAWP studied: AZ, CO, FL, GA, MA, MI, NM, OH, PA, WA.

But there’s a catch: In most of these states, less than 50 percent of the total money given comes from women, because women give in smaller amounts than men (as we’ve always known). And in all 10 states—no surprise—women donated more to Democrats than Republicans. 

The takeaway:  Women gave to Democratic candidates in higher numbers than men in this subset of states in 2023, but in smaller amounts, which ultimately yielded less overall funding for women candidates.

We’ve updated our Women, Money, & Politics slate so you can help close this gap by giving to women running in swing states where women’s gifts can have the most impact:

✴️ Among the swing states, Ohio has the biggest partisan divide. Democratic candidates raised 48 percent of their money from women, versus Republicans’ 30 percent, and women are 61 percent of their donors versus 44 percent of Republicans’.

✴️ In other key swing states, women of color are giving in larger amounts—though still barely more than 2 percent from Black women in Georgia; from Latinas in Arizona and Florida; and from Asian American women in Michigan. 

✴️ Pennsylvania Democrats raised the least money from women among all Democratic candidates nationwide, at just 38 percent of the total raised. 

We can have an impact here: Turbocharging the power of women’s smaller-dollar gifts through collective giving is what WomenCount was built for.

Help close the political gender giving gap by donating to our Women, Money & Politics slate—swing state races where your gift can have the most impact.

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