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It’s the most important election you’ve never heard of, and it’s happening in Wisconsin in less than two weeks.

Janet Protasiewicz is the only left-leaning woman in a four-way, Feb. 21 primary for an April election to fill an open, conservative-held Wisconsin state Supreme Court seat.

Technically, the race is nonpartisan, but Janet has been clear that if elected, she’ll defend abortion, LGBTQ and voting rights during her tenure on the state’s highest court. That means Wisconsin has a chance to turn a 4-3 right-wing majority into a 4-3 pro-choice majority that can strike down the state’s total abortion ban and throw out Republican-leaning electoral maps. 

Time is running out to support Janet in this pivotal primary. Rush $5 or more to her now by giving to our 2023 Wisconsin slate.

And Wisconsin is crucially important beyond this state Supreme Court race. That’s why the slate also includes: 

  • US Sen. Tammy Baldwin, who is running in 2024 for her third term representing the Badger State in Congress. She needs early money to stave off a serious Republican challenger in this perennial presidential swing state; and
  • State Sen. Jodi Habush Sinykin, who is running to block the GOP from gaining a supermajority in the Wisconsin Senate. Jodi is the presumptive nominee, but this district leans Republican in the April special general election.

Democrats have a real chance at pushing purple Wisconsin further into the blue in 2023 and 2024. Rush a donation of $5 or more to help make it happen.

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