Riyana Srihari | Women Against Mass Incarceration

For decades, champions of progressive prison reform have pointed to mandatory minimum sentencing as a key driver of mass incarceration in the United States. These laws are often leveraged against nonviolent drug offenders, and tie judges' hands by making them...

Congressional Champs | Equal Pay for Equal Play

In honor of the USWNT's World Cup win, support members of Congress's soccer caucus (Reps. Mucarsel-Powell, Dean and Castor) and four other members (all vulnerable freshmen) who have signed a pledge supporting equal pay for this history-making team.

Election Integrity Protection

Not only are these women who sit on the Senate and House intelligence committees overseeing the investigation into Russian tampering with our elections—three of them are up for re-election in 2018. Let's show them we have their backs! Support our Election...

Paid Family Leave

These women have consistently introduced and supported bills to provide paid family leave across America.

Abortion Rights Champions

These women are fighting for female reproductive rights at a national level, actively championing new legislation and campaigning to replace Republican seats with pro-choice women!