2022 Test Slate

These women are running for some of the closest AG races in the country. Give $5 to each of them now.

2022 House | Non-Incumbents

These Democratic non-incumbents will have the toughest races in the general election. Give $5 to each of them.

2022 Front Line

It’s well-known in politics that a surge in early fundraising can help ward off primary and general election challengers for vulnerable incumbents. In 2022, we’ll have two vulnerable Senators and 12 vulnerable Representatives. Help us build their coffers early.

The Arena

These candidates are the next generation of political leadership. Chip in $5 to each of them today.

Election Integrity Protection

Not only are these women who sit on the Senate and House intelligence committees overseeing the investigation into Russian tampering with our elections—three of them are up for re-election in 2018. Let's show them we have their backs! Support our Election...

California Women’s List Alumnae

We’re committed to female candidates who provide leadership on these issues and help represent the multitudes of Californians that believe in a more equal California. These 10 women served in the California Legislature before their time in Congress.

Freshman Class

Rally around these newly elected women to help them keep their seats and move up the ranks.