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Our Senate SixPack slate was a big hit at the DNC. Such a big hit, in fact, that we met our fundraising goal before the convention was even over!

People are really starting to realize just how extraordinary this year’s election is. Not only could we be electing the first woman president, we could be putting a record number of women in the Senate. And those women will be poised to act on common-sense gun reform, immigration reform, climate change, and protecting a woman’s right to control her body.

We need to keep this momentum going all the way to Election Day if we want to flip the Senate. That’s why we’re asking all of our supporters to start their own team and start crowdfunding for the Senate SixPack.

Click here to start your team with our Senate SixPack slate! If your team can raise $1,000 we’ll send you a full-sized poster of our illustrated Rosies.

Start your own team for our Senate SixPack and we’ll send you a full-size poster of our Rosies! Click here to start a team.

Need a refresher on how this works? First, sign up by entering your name, email and other information and creating a password. Or, if you already have an account, sign in. On the next page, select “Senate SixPack” from the slates menu. Add text, images and anything else you think will help you raise. Finally, name your team and select “Create Team.”

You’re ready to start crowdfunding!

Crowdfunding is our way to fight back against the GOP’s big money machine that has already spent more than $70 million targeting Democratic Senate candidates. They have more billionaires, but we have power in numbers: 48% percent of voters consider themselves “Democrats” or “Democratic-leaning” and 53% of the electorate is women.

Help us put these numbers to work. Start a team and help us crowdfund the Senate SixPack! And if your team raises $1,000, we’ll send you a full-sized poster of our illustrated Rosies.

Thanks for being such a tireless supporter!

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