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It has been a tough few days for those of us supporting Democrats up and down the ballot—and we are reaching out to suggest a path forward in the days ahead. 

All of us at WomenCount hear the concerns from donors, the media and other members of the political establishment about President Biden’s debate performance. As we head into the holiday weekend, we are encouraging our community to pause and let the dust continue to settle. There will be more polls, additional analysis, and plenty of assessment, and we will be following all of it along with you. 

Nothing is changing in the next week and the President, his family, and the campaign all deserve a chance to continue to assess next steps.

In the meantime, given the threats to democracy that have ratcheted up since the debate—namely the Supreme Court’s gutting of administrative regulations while giving future presidents broad immunity to evade prosecution for any action they undertake while occupying the Oval Office—we know everyone is grasping for something to do right now.

Here’s what you can do heading into the holiday weekend: 

  • Focus on the Vice President. We need to lift up Vice President Kamala Harris. She has carried the weight of this moment on reproductive freedom, democracy, gun safety, and so many other key issues.
  • Support women up and down the ballot. We know the power of supporting women down-ballot and the up-ballot impact it generates all the way to the top of the ticket.
  • Donate via WomenCount. Any Democratic woman who supports preserving our freedom, especially reproductive freedom, can seek grassroots support through WomenCount.

The bottom line: Put the spotlight on lifting up women. That’s what we here at WomenCount do best, and we plan to keep it up.

Please help us keep doing this by considering a donation to our Super Slate of the most competitive races up-and-down the ballot—from the Vice President to Congress to state and local candidates.

This slate changes often, so please bookmark it!

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