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What We're Watching

It’s Super Tuesday, and we’re watching dozens of races, mostly in California but also a few in Texas and one in North Carolina. Here’s what you should be paying attention to tonight: 


  • There are four Congressional seats—CA Senate, CA-16, CA-31 and CA-47—being vacated by women where the frontrunners tonight are men, meaning we are at risk of losing representation in those seats. CA-16 is held by Rep. Anna Eshoo, CA-31 by Rep. Grace Napolitano and CA-47 by Rep. Katie Porter.
  • On a brighter note, there are two House seats—CA-12 and CA-30—where a woman is likely to take first place in California’s unique jungle primary system. CA-12 is held by Rep. Barbara Lee and CA-30 by Rep. Adam Schiff. Look for Lateefah Simon and Laura Friedman to advance to the top-two in those seats.
  • There are two competitive primaries for flippable seats. Rudy Salas and Melissa Hurtado are battling in CA-22 (but could both be edged out by two Republicans in the top two) and Kim Nguyen-Penaloza and Derek Tran in CA-45.
  • There are two non-competitive primaries for flippable seats. In CA-3, Jessica Morse is all but certain to challenge incumbent Rep. Kevin Kiley in November, and in CA-40, Allyson Muniz Damikolas will challenge Rep. Young Kim. 


  • State Rep. Julie Johnson is the favorite to win the primary for TX-32, the seat being vacated by Rep. Colin Allred, who is running for US Senate.
  • TX-18, a safe seat, will come down to the wire between former Houston council member Amanda Edwards and Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee. Either way, this seat will continue to be represented by a Black woman.

North Carolina

  • The Tarheel State elects its governors and lieutenant governors separately. State Sen. Rachel Hunt is the favorite to be the LG nominee, with her main opponent being former State Sen. Ben Clark.
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