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Right now, we’re trying to raise $20,000 to expand our crowdfunding platform into more states in 2018 —–   and hopefully replicate the financial and electoral success we saw in Virginia.

To meet this goal, we are asking you to step up, just like you stepped up for Democratic women in Virginia. That’s why, for Giving Tuesday, we’re sweetening the deal: 

Chip in $25 or more today to our Crowdfunding for Crowdfunding slate for Giving Tuesday, and we’ll send you this WomenCount market bag.

You can keep it for yourself, or help spread the word about WomenCount by gifting it to someone in your life who cares as passionately as you do about leveling the fundraising field for Democratic women candidates.

Right now, our platform is only set up to raise for federal candidates, like members of Congress. But our platform’s fundraising power proved so successful during the Virginia legislative elections —–   generating almost $25,000 in a little over a month —–   that we’re certain we must expand, including into states like New Mexico, where women are frontrunners for governorships.

Chip in $25 to our Crowdfunding for Crowdfunding slate for Giving Tuesday and help us do that.

And once you’ve chipped in, forward this message to a friend and encourage them to chip in, too. After all, that’s the power of crowdfunding —–   pooling our collective power, and making an impact.

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