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This morning, former Democratic Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell announced she’s running for U.S. Senate in Florida, expanding the map into one of the only two potential flip opportunities for Democrats this cycle.

Welcome her to the race by chipping in $5 or more via our 2024 Senate slate. First-day fundraising numbers are a new measure of grassroots strength, so let’s help Debbie today.

At WomenCount, you can count on us to tell you the truth about a race. A statewide victory in Florida has slipped just out of reach for Democrats in recent cycles, which makes Debbie’s candidacy a long-shot. 

But two things could make 2024 different: 

  • Abortion politics have transformed the electoral landscape, with states more conservative than Florida—like Kansas and Alaska—electing Democrats who campaigned on protecting abortion access. Plus, Florida will have an abortion referendum on the ballot this year, and we’ve seen that drive turnout time after time in the post-Dobbs era.
  • Rick Scott is uniquely vulnerable, especially on the issue of abortion. He was Republicans’ Senate campaign chair last cycle, during which he advocated for a national abortion ban. And in 2018, he won re-election by only .05 percent (that is not a typo; that is 1/20th of a percent). In an abortion rights wave, he could be toast. 

Debbie is the candidate who can make an upset happen. 

When she was elected in 2018, she was the first woman to represent Florida’s 26th congressional district. She’s centered her Senate candidacy on abortion rights. And she’s a Latina in a state whose swing hinges on the Latino vote. 

Let’s make sure she has the early money she needs to compete. Rush a donation to our 2024 Senate slate now.

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