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We’re coming to you today with a simple message:

Support Black women running for office at the federal, state and local level.

Violence against Black communities is structural; it’s built into how the police operate in this country. But the scale of violence is obviously bigger than that: Our system of government and many of our social institutions were founded on white supremacy.

Much of our country’s wealth and privilege flows from the millions of Black slaves who toiled in our fields, homes and places of commerce when we were a young nation. Black Americans continued to build this country as free people, while White America kept them from the ballot box, burned their businesses, and murdered them.

There is no easy way to fix this—no quick petition signature or political donation can right centuries of wrongs. But we believe putting Black women in positions of power is one thing we can do right now to help make change happen.

That’s why we’re urging you to Support Black women now by giving to our slate of Black women candidates who are running in some of the closest races in the country.

We’ve seen this theory of change in action over the last week, as Black women mayors like Lori Lightfoot, London Breed, and Keisha Lance Bottoms have displayed steady leadership without failing to channel the anger Black Americans rightfully feel.

But supporting Black women candidates can’t be about White Americans asking Black women to fix every problem. That isn’t right or fair, and it won’t work. White supremacy won’t fall if White Americans aren’t working toward that goal.

It’s about giving Black women their due—recognizing that without Black women, our country wouldn’t be, can’t be, thriving.

Please Support Black women who are running in these incredibly competitive races.

Thanks, Stacy, Megan, Meghan & Stephanie

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