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“Every time I hear a woman say we shouldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton because she’s a woman, I cringe.  I cringe because nobody is saying anything about the gender of the men candidates. The male presidential candidates do not endure double standards, sexist remarks or the higher standards in which women candidates are held.1 In fact, Americans are so used to seeing their president, in times of crisis or national emergency, as a male figure dressed in a man’s suit that they cannot even imagine a president that is a woman.

Yes, a Hillary Clinton presidency will look different. There will be varying hairstyles, more colorful suits, and a completely different tone to the speeches.  There will be no first lady to champion children’s issues or stand with widows of military heroes.  Instead there will be a first gentleman who will not be spending his time decorating The White House or hosting teas.”

Read the rest of this great piece from Kathy Groob here.

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