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You’ll hear a lot about ‘Battleground States’ over the next 6 weeks, mostly in reference to the presidential election.

But state battlegrounds are about much more than that. Excitement over the presidential race can boost the margin in close down-ballot races—increasing our odds of flipping the Senate and state legislative chambers, and increasing our House margin.

WomenCount has identified six states where we can maximize women candidates’ chances in those races, as well as Kamala’s chance of winning the vice presidency: Arizona, Iowa, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

Support the closest Congressional and state legislative races in each of these states by giving $5 or more to our State Battlegrounds slate.

You can support the presidential campaign too by giving to Kamala.

All of these states are presidential battlegrounds this year, but they have a few more things in common.

Democrats can flip at least one state legislative chamber in each of them—and in North Carolina, they can flip both. Flipping state chambers is critical for drawing fair districts next year.

All include at least one tossup House race (though in Texas, there are three). And all but Pennsylvania feature a hotly contested Senate race. In two of those races (Iowa and Texas) women are leading the ballot.

Over the next few weeks we’ll roll out statewide slates for each battleground. But you can give to the most-competitive races in each state NOW by chipping in $5 or more to our State Battlegrounds slate.

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