Prison Reform

This slate is composed of women who have long records and deep dedication to fixing our broken prison system, and easing the humanitarian crisis that is ongoing. Prison reform isn’t talked about as often as police reform, but it’s an...

Foreign Policy

These women have the foreign policy experience to deal with our most pressing international crises.

Equal Pay for Equal Play

In honor of the USWNT's fight for fair pay, support members of Congress's soccer caucus and other members who have signed a pledge supporting equal pay for this history-making team.

The Green New Deal

They've signed on to the Green New Deal. Show you appreciate them moving the conversation forward on climate change. Chip in $5 to each.

Run, Mama Run!

In a time where more and more women are both raising kids and being active leaders in the workforce, we want to celebrate these candidates who also wear the title "Mom."

Paid Family Leave

These women have consistently introduced and supported bills to provide paid family leave across America.

Campaign Finance Reform

Help get rid of dark money in politics by supporting these legislators who make campaign finance reform a top priority.