Katrina Christiansen

Democrat for ND-US Senate

Top Issues: Freedom, Privacy, Well-Paying Jobs, Seniors, Families, Agriculture

Election Outlook: Cook Political Report rating: Solid R.
Katrina is again stepping up to challenge the incumbent in this Republican-held seat—she was the nominee in 2022 for the state’s Class 3 Senate seat—this time against freshman incumbent Sen. Kevin Cramer, who beat former Democratic Sen. Heidi Heitkamp to flip this seat in 2018. This seat is unlikely to flip back, but considering how recently Democrats held it, things could be interesting.

Profession: Engineer

Work Experience: Assistant ProfessorAssistant Professor, University of Jamestown; President, Stralende, LLC; Director of Malting Technology, Intelligent Malting Equipment; Pilot Project Lead, BU PPM Manager, Cargill

Education: BS, Biological/Biosystems Engineering, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; MS, Biological/Biosystems Engineering, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Ph.D., Agricultural Engineering, Iowa State University