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Tracking the 2024 House Primaries

Updated May 23, 2024 Click here for general election analysis. Track US Senate and other statewide results via our partner, Electing Women. These are the primary races to watch this year that have implications for both women's representation and Democrats...
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Mamas meet the gender giving gap

By now you know all about the gender giving gap and women’s representation: We are nearly half of donors but give far less overall, and make up just 28 percent of Congress.  The situation for moms is even worse: Just...
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Down to the wire in Maryland

We have less than a week to do everything we can to help Angela Alsobrooks win the Maryland primary, putting her on a path to be the state's next US Senator. Donating to her campaign is the single best way...
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New info on the giving gap: What you can do now

Our friends at the Center for American Women and Politics (CAWP) just updated their Women, Money, & Politics Watch series with new donor data from 2023, and one topline finding shocked us: Women make up at least half of individual donors to...
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Tracking the 2024 House Elections

Updated May 23, 2024 Click here for primary election analysis. Track US Senate and other statewide results via our partner, Electing Women. (more…)
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4 must-win May primaries for women

We’re still reeling from the fundraising disparity between male and female US Senate candidates revealed by last week’s fundraising reports. In case you missed the first-quarter numbers:  Ruben Gallego, Arizona: $7.2 million  Jon Tester, Montana: $7.2 million  Jacky Rosen, Nevada: $4 million...
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BREAKING] Political gender giving gap soars in Q1

On Monday we got our first complete look at what US Senate fundraising looks like heading into this crucial election year—and no surprise, the gender giving gap is bigger than ever.  Let’s first look just at Q1 contributions for the...
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In two weeks: Primary battle in Pennsylvania

The only battleground state holding primaries this month will be Pennsylvania, and we need to support several women who face competitive primaries and get a jump on fundraising for two women who are the presumptive nominees in targeted competitive districts. ...
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Support abortion ballot initiatives all in one place

We’re waiting with anticipation for the Florida Supreme Court’s opinion on the constitutional amendment pro-abortion rights supporters are hoping to get on this fall’s ballot.  Today is the deadline to release opinions and the Court is closed for Good Friday,...