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More women are needed to run for office

“We don’t have much trust right now among the members of Congress but we have it with the women senators.” - Amy Klobuchar A poignant quote from an interesting viewpoint article from the Pensacola news Journal. We couldn't agree more. In...
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Women lead the way in Crowdfunding

"Crowdfunding has a democratic angle, much more so than the tech industry at large. For example, 47% of our successful campaigns are female-led, compared to just 15% of VC [venture capitalist] funded companies. That’s because teams and products speak for...
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Surge Of Female Entrepreneurs Thanks To Crowdfunding

Great article from Forbes.Com on the increase and success in women and crowdfunding: “I feel the advent of newer funding methods, such as crowdfunding, has brought early-stage investing to a much wider audience, particularly women. Being able to review investment...
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The State of Women in Politics

You're here because you know that electing progressive women is important to change the way that Washington works but did you know these facts about women serving in Congress? From the Center for American Women and Politics:
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