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Senate Republicans’ cover-up of Donald Trump’s crimes is complete.

Today, they voted to acquit the President on two articles of impeachment: Abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

Before that, they voted not to hear witnesses or consider other evidence, despite the bombshell revelation that Trump told his former national security adviser, John Bolton, he would hold security aid to Ukraine unless the country investigated his political rivals. The Government Accountability Office has found that blocking the aid was illegal.

Trump undermined our last election, is doing it again, and Republicans will let him get away with it. He hasn’t learned anything. If he wins in November, and brings a Republican Senate with him, they’ll keep letting him get away with whatever he wants.

Help make sure that doesn’t happen. Give $5 or more now to our 2020 Senate Red to Blue slate. It includes Amy McGrath, who is running to defeat Trump’s chief co-conspirator, Mitch McConnell himself.

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