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Election Day is a little more than three weeks away, meaning time is running out to support women running in this year’s most-important state legislative elections: Virginia. 

The state is a bellwether for next year’s national elections, and right-wing policies—including a 15-week abortion ban—will be on the docket if Democrats don’t win back the House of Delegates and hold the Senate. 

Already, WomenCount donors have raised an incredible $14,645 in low-dollar donations for these women. So we’re asking: Before October is over, can you help us match that raise for the most competitive Virginia state legislative races?

There are three candidates in Toss Up races who need the most support: 

  • Russet Perry, State Senate 31: This is a flippable, open seat that went 50 percent for Youngkin in 2021 but 52.7 percent for Democrats in 2022.
  • Susanna Gibson, State House 57: This seat, which Democrats need to hold, went 51 percent for Youngkin in 2021.
  • Kimberly Adams, State House 82: This is a flippable seat that went 50.6 percent for Youngkin in 2021, but 50.5 percent for the Democrats in the 2022 midterms.

Plus three candidates in Lean D seats who could be at risk if Republicans see a surge: 

  • Danica Roem, State Senate 30: You know Danica as the first out transgender person elected to the Virginia General Assembly. Now, she’s hoping to move up. This district was close in 2021, going 51 percent to Youngkin for Governor but 53 percent to Democrats last year.
  • Amy Laufer, State House 55: This race has slipped from Likely to Lean D over the last four months, but went 59 percent for the Democrat in last year’s Congressional midterms.
  • Kelly Fowler (I), State House 96: This district got slightly more Republican during redistricting, but still went 58 percent to the Democrat last year.

And two candidates in Lean R seats who can add gains if Democrats overperform:

  • Lily Franklin, State House 41: Democrats won this district in the 2017 state and 2018 federal elections, but it’s flipped Republican in the last two cycles.
  • Jessica Anderson, State House 71: Democrats have closed the gap in this seat the last two cycles, from 54 percent Republican in 2021 to 52 percent last year.

Thanks again for keeping up the fundraising pace for our 2023 candidates during these “off-year” elections. Before October ends, can you give just one more time?

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