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Are you ready for the first Democratic debates?

We’re excited, because this is our first opportunity to showcase the front-running women candidates and we’re hoping that all four of them—when given a national stage and equal time—can ride the media attention to a bump in the polls.

But we’re also concerned, because we know that even on the debate stage, sexist double standards will make it harder for the female candidates to get their points across.

So we’ve decided to confront these double-standards head-on and help women raise some money off them!

From now through next Thursday’s debate, when you chip in $5 or more to our Call It Out slate featuring Kirsten, Kamala, Amy and Elizabeth, a generous donor will match it with a gift to WomenCount—so we can support presidential candidates and other women in important downballot races!

That’s right: For every sexist double standard, a doubled donation. So give now and every time you see sexism on the presidential campaign trail.

Don’t worry if you’re not keeping as close an eye on the sexism as we are (we know, it’s tiring). Make sure you follow @WomenCount on Twitter, because every time we see something, we’ll Tweet it out under the hashtag #CallItOut. Then, you know what to do: Donate!

And considering some of the most sexist moments of 2016 came during the debates, we’re bracing for a big haul.

If you remember: During that September’s Commander-in-Chief forum, disgraced NBC host Matt Lauer interrupted Hillary Clinton constantly and harped on the trivial issue of emails, while he allowed Donald Trump to outright lie unchallenged. Then during a debate that October—in a textbook display of toxic aggression—Trump infamously stalked Clinton back and forth across the stage.

We’ve seen double standards this year too: Men with thinner resumes given glowing magazine profiles while women are ‘unlikeable’ and ‘unelectable.’

Help us #CallItOut : Chip in $5 or more to our Call It Out slate!


Stacy Mason,

Executive Director

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