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Critical House races are on the move..

First, something new: FiveThirtyEight has Kristen Carlson (FL-15) in a toss-up race. This district hasn’t been in play up to now, and it’s one example of how momentum from the Kavanaugh hearings is moving several House races our way.

Some races are moving the wrong way though. Sabato’s Crystal Ball just moved Gina Ortiz Jones (TX-23) from toss-up to lean-R. But the district is definitely still winnable—Hillary Clinton won narrowly there in 2016, and it’s traditionally swung back and forth between Democrats and Republicans. If it’s going to swing again, it will be this year.

Make sure these districts flip. Give $5 or more to Kristen, Gina and the other eight women running in this year’s closest races by chipping in to our WomenCount Top 10 Slate.

Other toss-up House races you should be watching (and donating to) right now are Kim Schrier (WA-8) and Leslie Cockburn (VA-5).

In Washington, a vacancy created by a long-serving incumbent has given us the first shot we’ve had in years of flipping a district that has increasingly trended Democratic. And Virginia actually features three toss-up House seats—so we swapped Leslie Cockburn in for Abigail Spanberger, though you should chip in to them and Elaine Luria if you have the chance.

Chip in $5 to our Top 10 slate if you haven’t yet—then share it on Facebook and Twitter so your friends know where to put their money in these final days.

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