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The polls had barely closed in New Hampshire last night when election watchers called the contest for Donald Trump. He’s currently winning by 11 percent, after crushing his rivals by more than 30 points in Iowa last week.

I hope it’s sunk in: Trump will be the Republican presidential nominee, and if we don’t start working against him TODAY, a year from now he could be the president again.

Show your enthusiasm for stopping Trump in 2024 by giving just $25 to our pared-down 2024 Super Slate: VP Kamala Harris + the three most competitive House seats we need to flip to take control.

According to our analysis, the three closest, flippable House seats featuring women (who are favorites to win their primaries), are: 

  • Kirsten Engel, AZ-6, Toss-Up: Kirsten is a former state senator who lost this district to incumbent Republican Rep. Juan Ciscomani by 1 point last cycle. It narrowly voted for Biden, by .4 percent, in 2020.
  • Sue Altman, NJ-7, Toss-Up: Sue is the former executive director of New Jersey’s Working Families Party. Incumbent Republican Rep. Tom Kean flipped this seat by 3 points in 2022 but it was previously in Democratic hands.
  • Laura Gillen, NY-4, Toss-Up: Laura is a former Hempstead town supervisor and nominee for this district in 2022, where she fell short of now-freshman Republican Rep. Anthony D’Esposito by 3 points. In this Biden +14 district, she has a better chance this year.

Please chip in $5 or more to each of these women + VP Harris, so we can show some momentum for Democrats in the face of this latest Trump victory.

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