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Time to get out there and vote! It’s absolutely the most important thing you can do today. But if you’ve already voted, there are a few more things you can do.

First: Chip in $5 or more to any of the candidates on our WomenCount Top 10 slate.

You might think, ‘It’s Election Day, what good can my donation do this late?’ Actually, quite a bit. Campaigns that are really close spend every last cent on get-out-the-vote efforts—sometimes even more than their last cent. These late donations go toward covering those last-minute bills that come due after Election Day.

Once you’ve donated, volunteer! Every single woman on our Top 10 slate needs the help, even if it’s just you making calls from your couch two states away. Most will let you sign up for in-person canvassing or remote calls right from their websites.

And when the results finally start coming in, have our Election Night Scorecard handy and be sure you’ve completed our Election Night Contest.

Just a few more hours!

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